Horses & Heritage

TTV-14 Horses & Heritage

Tour start at 10:00
Departure is from Hof Culture Center
Hotel and harbour pickup is available in Akureyri
Tour length is 7 hours


Let Us Take You To Skagafjörður.

On this excellent tour you will get to hear about Icelandic culture, humor, heritage and folktales along with a taste of the local food. Included in this tour is entrance to an old turf house, a riding tour and then some local refreshments. There is also a stop to see a hidden waterfall. 

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After driving through deep valleys and mountain passes were our storytelling guide tell you all about the local folklore, trolls and hidden treasures, we arrive in Skagafjörður. 

The heritage of the Icelanders play a big rule in every family. The old Viking stories tell us about family battles in the area along with some of the most horrific ghost stories in Iceland. But the heritage also provide us with the knowledge of how things were maid and used in the rural part of the world. We will on this tour visit the Old Stable, built of turf and rocks like the Icelanders used to make houses for more then 1000 years. Inside we get to know how and why the owners decided to build this stable “the old way” in the year 2015. But we are at a horsefarm were you are given an introduction to the unique Icelandic horse. Get to know what makes this beautiful animal so unique and even have a go at riding one. 

This tour is an ideal for anyone who wants to find out more about Icelandic culture and daily life during different times in history, as well as meet the Icelandic horse. Riding skills are not necessary on this tour.