Local life in past & present

TTV-14 Local life in past & present - Skagafjörður

Tour start at 9:00
Departure is from Hof Culture Center
Hotel and harbour pickup is available in Akureyri
Tour length is 7 hours
Price 24.000 isk per person 


Let Us Take You To Skagafjörður. Tour to Skagafjordur west of Akureyri. Here we visit local farmers, learn how Icelanders lived throughout the centuries. Meet the beautiful Icelandic horse, goats and the Icelandic dog. At the end of the day we visit an exhibition of the largest Viking battle in Iceland that took place the year 1238 and step back into history with a VR experience

Take part in the Icelandic History

Let Us Take You back to the year 1238 to take part in one of the biggest Viking battles that took place in Iceland during the Middle ages.

Book now for just 24.000 iskr

The heritage of the Icelanders plays a big role in every family. The old Viking stories tell us about how the families got to Iceland in the 9th century. Why they came here and what they brought with them. Icelandic horses & the Icelandic dog are good example of things that have been here since the Viking days. Heritage provides us with the knowledge of how things were made and used in the rural areas of the world. On this tour we will visit the Old Stable, built of turf and rocks like Icelanders used to make houses for more then 1000 years. This tour is ideal for anyone who wants to find out more about Icelandic culture and daily life during different periods in history, as well as meet and learn more about the Icelandic horse. On this 7 hour tour we drive west from Akureyri, through beautiful valleys, pass some unique jagged mountains and steep cliffs, to visit some locals on their farm. At this farm you get to see how Icelanders live on a farm today, you also get a glimpse into how life and work was on the farm throughout the centuries. A newly built turf stable like they use to be in the “good old days” is part of the farm as well. After plenty of time exploring the farm and some refreshments we drive to Sauðárkrókur.  

At Sauðárkrókur we visit an exhibition and VR experience where we are able to jump back in time and take part in an Icelandic Viking battle from the year 1238. The exhibition is an immersive experience which invites its guests to experience history in a super modern and artful interactive installation.  
We stop at Sauðarkrókur for 1,5 – 2 hours so you will have plenty time to look at the Viking Battle exhibition, go to a café or restaurant for some lunch or stroll around the town. (Lunch is not included in tour price).