The Forest Lagoon

Forest Lagoon, Fantastic Geothermal Spa

Tour start at 17:00
Departure is from Hof Culture Center
Hotel pickup is available in Akureyri
Tour length is 2,5 hours
Price 6.590isk per person
We drive you to the forest lagoon, buy your ticket and pick you up 2 hours later to take you back to your hotel in Akureyri.


The Geothermal is one of the Icelandic Wonders

The Forest Lagoon, is located just outside of Akureyri, with an amazing view over to the town and surrounding mountains. The Geothermal pool is brand new, opened in the summer of 2022. It includes a bistro, two infinity pools with swim-up bars, a cold tub and a sauna. The pools are heated up with a natural geothermal water that actually come from inside the mountain behind the lagoon itself. The water was discovered during a road tunnel project. The water is rich in good minerals that are believed to have good healing powers. 
The transfer take you from your hotel and to the
Forest Lagoon, we drop you of there after you get your entrance ticket. We will then be back to pick you up after 2 hours and take you back to your hotel. Tour include a transfer and the entrance fee for the lagoon.


Iceland is more then just fun, fun fun

After a full day out of sightseeing, hiking, ice-fishing, snowmobiling, skiing... Relaxing in the geothermal baths, is the best way to end a perfect day.