Snowshoe Walking

Snowshoe Walking

Tour start at 13:00
Departure is from Hof Culture Center
Hotel pickup is available in Akureyri
Tour length is 3.0 hours
Price 18.000 isk per person


Once an essential mode of winter transportation has evolved into a popular recreational activity. But if you’ve never done it before, you might ask, why go snowshoeing? Here is the main reasons: Its simple, it is easy and it is FUN! 

"Relax it's just snow!"

It's simple, It´s easy, It´s fun...

Book now for just 18.000 iskr per person

 Wear suitable boots and socks. The good news is that snowshoes adjust to fit pretty much any type of boot or shoe. So, your main concern is to wear something that keeps your feet comfortably warm and dry.
Walking on flat or rolling ground is fairly intuitive. Your stride should be wider than it is for hiking in order to avoid stepping on the insides of your snowshoe frames. Because of that, you may find your hips and groin muscles aching a bit after the first few times you snowshoe.
As you ascend hills, you use your toe or instep crampons for traction. Always place your feet firmly on snow. Several techniques come into play, depending on the conditions.
On descents, keep your poles planted in front of you, knees bent and relaxed, and your body weight slightly back. Walk smoothly and plant your heel first when you walk.
It doesn’t happen a lot, but you can—and likely will—fall at some point when you go snowshoeing. This occurs most often on descents. When you feel yourself starting to fall, try to fall toward the uphill side if at all possible.
Enjoy this fun activity and remember to dress well.