Local Taste & Micro Brewery

TTV-107 Local Taste, Handcraft & Micro Brewery

Tour start at 13:00
Departure is from Hof Culture Center
Hotel pickup is available in Akureyri
Tour length is 4.0 hours
Price 16.000 isk per person



This is a different kind of Minibus tour. We pick you up from Akureyri and drive you out the west coast of Eyjaford, to the small but beautiful fishing village of Hjalteyri. To arrive at Hjalteyri is magnificent, its like stepping back in time at least 40 – 60 years. The old renovated houses welcome you, some of them way more then 100 years old. The harbour with all the small fishing boats, peaceful ocean and the black sandy beach. An 80 year old herring meal factory set it mark on this small village, in this “castle” is the working place and a gallery of the remarkable handcraft woman Lene.

"Join us"

Meet the local Icelanders, Lets go to Hjalteyri old fishing village. Try out locals delicacy and their beer It's fun...

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 We meet a local handcraft woman who uses old methods to make all kinds of things out of animal skin and furs. Just to make sure then Lene is very environmentally friendly person, she never use skin or fur of an animal who is specially bred or killed because of its skin/fur. She use the old methods to clean and dry the skins, to make sure to keep the process as “green” as possible. We get to taste some local refreshments there, before we get going to the microbrewery of Kaldi beer for beer tasting. Kaldi brewery is a family owned micro brewery founded 2006. It’s beer taste magnificent and is one of the best sold beer in Iceland.