The Waterfall Track -Super Jeep

The Waterfall Track - Super Jeep

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Tour start at 09:00
Departure is from Hof Culture Center
Hotel pickup is available in Akureyri
Tour length is 5.0 hours
Price 28.000 isk per person


We drive from Akureyri to the east side of the fjord and through a mountain pass to get to the first waterfall on our journey for the day. Goðafoss is without a doubt one of the most beautiful one in Iceland. Surrounded by basalt columns this waterfall is both unique and big. But there are other waterfalls to see on this tour so on we go but soon we are to get off the beaten track and into the Icelandic Highland….

"Relax It's just a snow!"

We love to play in it. Your Safety Is Always First!

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 Wear suitable boots and socks, because we will need to walk a bit on this tour. After driving further up along the river we come across two, or maybe three other waterfalls that we will admire. The waterfalls are surrounded by beautiful landscapes, covered with big lava fields that flowed from the volcano’s in the highland a few thousand years ago. Hrafnabjargarfoss is a large waterfall, hidden off the beaten track. This waterfall is located in a big lava field and in the river are large pot holes created over many years. Aldeyjarfoss is surrounded with lava and basalt columns. Many people say that it is the most beautiful fall in Iceland, we let you judge for yourself. This tour takes place in a Super Jeep, the driver is highly experienced and know the area, his Jeep and its limits well. This sure is a chance of a good day out, The Icelandic Way!