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Game of Thrones

Myvatn Mystery & Magic - Game of Thrones

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Tour start at 9:00
Departure is from Hof Culture Center
Hotel and harbour pickup is available in Akureyri
Tour length is 7 hours
Price 27.000 iskr 


Go beyond the wall as you journey to the beautiful Lake Myvatn area on this tour of Mystery and Magic. A truley unique place were some of the series of Game of Thrones were filmed. Not only have we taken hundreds of people on this one of a kind tour, but also the crew and producers of Game of Thrones from HBO. Enjoy beautiful waterfalls, volcanoes, unusual lava rock formations, steaming hot springs, bubbling mud pools and mysterious landscape. All this and much more is what you can experience on a tour that ends with a visit to the Myvatn nature baths

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Let our “Game of Thrones” expert guide you around the iconic sites where some of this popular HBO series was filmed. The Myvatn area was the location chosen for the Beyond the Wall scenes in the 3rd season. Filming took place in 2012 and The Traveling Viking was lucky enough to guide some of the crew around the area. After Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow) broke his ankle in July, filming in Iceland did not begin until late November. This gave the crew a chance to experience the snow, frost and blizzards of an Icelandic winter and gave the actors a real sense of life Beyond the Wall.

Beyond the Wall is home to the Wildlings or Free Folk under the rule of their king Mance Rayder. Under his command the Wildlings are gathering an army. The White Walkers however are on the move, threatening both the Seven Kingdoms and the land of the Free Folk. Jon Snow must join the Wildling army to try to discover Mance Rayder’s plans.  

Not only will you see where “Game of Thrones” was filmed, you also get to see where J.R Tolkien got his inspiration for the magical world of Lord of the Rings and find out about his strong connections to Iceland.

The first stop on this tour is at the beautiful waterfall Goðafoss. Many Icelanders consider this fall to be a symbol of Icelandic Christianity and you can find out more about this during the tour.
As well as visiting the location sites from “Game of Thrones” this tour also stops at many places of interest, such as Dimmuborgir (dark castles), Grjotagja (underground caves), Hverir (bubbling mud pits and steam vents), ending the tour at The Myvatn Nature Baths. Entrance fee to the baths is included in the tour price.

Tour chosen by the producers of Game of Thrones.......

Chris Newman along with group of 30 people from HBO came on our tour 2014. play the video and find out what why Iceland played a big role in GOT