Summer Tours 2023

The spring time is short in Iceland, but then the birds and the whales come back to our beautiful island. In this time already the daylight last longer in Iceland then most other places. The spring brings more life to the island and its true summer beauty become more and more visible. The location of Iceland make the summer months so bright. The Sun doesn’t go down in the evenings, it simply stays up to colour the sky. Summer is short but it sure is beautiful. Autumn start late August, then the trees and all the fauna, colour the land up in a multi coloured paradise. Come and visit us, look at our tour options here below, find your ideal tour and join our guides on a welcoming and informational journey through North Iceland


The Diamond Circle

The Diamond circle tour is an unforgettable experience to some of Iceland's natural wonders. The Landscape and power of nature at Asbyrgi, Dettifoss and Lake Myvatn will take your breath away. Much of the landscape seen on this tour was formed by eruptions and catastrophic floods thousands of years ago.

Lake Myvatn Classic

Lake Myvatn Classic tour is to some of the most spectacular and unique places in Iceland. This tour takes you to; Dimmuborgir, a unique area of lava sculptures, Hverir, bubbling mud pits and steaming vents, underground caves at Grjotagja, volcano's and craters. To see Lake Myvatn at summer time sure is an amazing experience!

Combo - Goðafoss, Laufas & The Christmas House

A fully guided tour to Lake Myvatn area with an extra snowmobil experience included. You choose either to share the snowmobil with another or simply just ride through the snow by yourself. The guides grew up in the area and for them a Snowmobiling is a part of their lifestyle. They love to share their passion for snowmobiling with you. 

Myvatn Mystery & Magic, Game of Thrones

Join us on a tour to the beautiful and mysterious Lake Myvatn area. A magical place were some of the series of Game of Thrones were filmed. Not only have we taken hundreds of people on this unique tour, but also the crew and producers of Game of Thrones from HBO itself. This tour ends with a visit to the Myvatn nature baths. 

Arctic Coastline - Siglo

We take you along some of the picturesque coastline you ever see, with beautiful sea cliffs and small old fishing villages and we will be passing dramatic sea cliffs along the way. In between high mountains lays Siglufjordur or Siglo. We visit an award winning Herring Museum on the tour, where we get glimpse into local life during the early 20th century.

Whale Watching

Here is your chance to see the incredible Eyjafjord Humpbacks in their natural habitat or some other whales. Our good friends at Elding Whale Watching take you out on their boat to spot the animals. Elding's specially trained guides are experts in spotting them and telling you all about their behaviour, any question you have, don't hesitate to ask.

Local Taste, Handcraft & Micro Brewery

It is a tour yes, but it is so different that we have it here as one of the unique activity options you can choose from. This one take you to Hjalteyri, an old icelandic fishing hamlet, with old renovated woodern houses, old harbor and the Herring "castle". Here you fall back in time for 40 - 60 years. At the end of the tour we visit Kaldi Micro Brewery.

Local Life in Past & Present - Skagafjörður

 Tour to Skagafjörður, west of Akureyri. We visit here a local farm. Get to know how Icelanders lived throughout the centuries. Meet the beautiful and unique Icelandic horses and the Icelandic dog. At the end of the day we visit an exhibition of one of the biggest viking battle in Iceland that took place the year 1238.

Cruise Ships Passengers Service

During the bright summer months, most travellers choose to visit Iceland. The Icelandic summers are warm and sunny. North of Iceland is known to be the dry and more sunny then in other parts of the Island. If you are sailing into Akureyri next summer, then find your ship under "Learn more" and have a look at the tour options we have for your ship

Private Tours!

Do you want more privacy? Do you maybe just like to travel with your friends and/or your family? Why not check it out? Maybe you would like to do something totally different? Send us an email and we make a good day out for you. All of our tours are available as a private tour. But we are flexible, we are here to make your visit special and rememberable.