The Team

The team of The Traveling Viking, is a group of honest and reliable good people from Akureyri Iceland. We are a team of traveling experts in the area, people with years of experience in touring and guiding people around. Our goal is always to give as personal service as possible and take really good care of all our guests. Vikings where the biggest travelers in the world in the middle ages. We trace our heritage back to them, thats why we are the Traveling Vikings!
Here below are information about some of our team members. 


Jón Þór - Manager & Guide

Jón Þór is a professional guide with years of experience in driving and taking people on tours & activities. With rich passion for tourism, respect for his guests and knowledge of the area, we do know that you are always in good hands with him.

Rachel - Owner, Sales & Operation

Jón Þór & Rachel, founded The Traveling Viking the year 2008. Rachel is originally from Yorkshire in England UK. Her passion is, to always make sure that you as a tourist in the area always get a warm welcome and the best possible service available.

Inga Björk, Sales & Marketing Manager

Inga Bjork, is the head of Sales & Marketing. Inga is also a professional guide with rich knowledge about the area we travel around. A true Viking is of course a good salesman and since Inga Bjork has a passion for the North of Iceland and is a good salesman, she is without a doubt one of the best Traveling Viking.

Lilja, Driver & Guide

Lilja has been a team member for a long time. She is what we call a true Viking, and since she work with us she is a Traveling Viking. Lilja lived for a long time in Hull in England UK. She has a good and big heart and love to show guests around our beautiful North Iceland. Lilja is a professional guide with many years of experience.

Brynjar, driver, guide and fixer upper

Brynjar is not just another driver & guide. He is also our mechanic man and head of our garage. As a Viking he would most likely been in charge of the boat kept on floating. We therefore call him our Fixer Upper. Brynjar and his son are good fishermen's and take care of our Ice-fishing tours.

Caro, Driver & Guide

Our Caro is a German "Icelander". She is a skilled woman who is not just a Viking, she is also an excellent guide, a driver and a vet. Caro has been a tour guide for long time and has a rich passion for Iceland. Caro came first to Iceland 2006 and fell in love with it.

Ásta - Guide

Ásta is one of the Traveling Vikings. She is a true and genuine person who have good faith in all humanity. Ásta has been living in different places around Europe, and speaks fluently Danish, German and English. Ásta is a good guide with excellent knowledge about Iceland.

Other members...

A Viking knows its way, is vice and humble. We have a good team of guides and drivers along with other staff that know that the most important passenger/guest is always YOU! Sá einn veit, er víða ratar og hefir fjold um farið, hverju geði stýrir gumna hver,
sá er vitandi vits. .
He knows alone who has wandered wide,
and far has fared on the way,
what manner of mind a man doth own
who is wise of head and heart.